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Vocal Studio Bcn

Vocal Studio BCN is a recording and production studio located in the heart of Barcelona.

Our vision is to offer recording, mixing and mastering services, as well as the integral production of any musical project, covering all phases of the project, from composition, arrangements and instrumentation, to editing, distribution and promotion.

The idea of recording in a studio is what allows us to get close to the artist. We have a large technical team to cover each of the phases of the project. Knowing the reality of the music market in Spain and because we are musicians ourselves, we have adjusted our rates to the current situation, but offering in exchange more services and confidence and security to the artist who wants to work with us. We invite you to visit our facilities without any obligation, thank you for your interest!

You have a
musical project

If you have a music project and need professional support to get it off the ground, we can help you.


All kinds of vocalists, voice-overs, instruments… all with the highest quality and definition necessary to get the best possible results.


We have specialized technicians for all kinds of musical styles, as well as for a single track, complete album or any type of arrangement.


The essential part for the completion of a musical work. We maximize the power to the fullest to make your tracks sound with the push and level your song needs.


The best way for an optimal finish of your work is a good mix! At Vocal Studio BCN we will give you the finish you deserve.


We carry out any type of work related to advertising and cinema, from music for announcements, management and recording of voice-overs and soundtracks for films.

Dolby Atmos

At Vocal Studio Bcn we can mix your tracks in Dolby Atmos.

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